Task force to focus on VA health care fraud

Published: Oct. 1, 2019 at 3:04 PM CDT
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The Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General and the Department of Justice Tuesday announced the forming of the VA Health Care Fraud Task Force to combat fraud in the VA’s expanding health care programs.

The government says the task force initially will focus on investigating and prosecuting health care fraud in the growing Community Care program, under which eligible veterans may receive health care from a private provider in their community rather than from a VA medical facility, similar to the Medicare program.

As part of the Task Force, a VA-OIG attorney will be detailed to serve as a special prosecutor in the Health Care Fraud Unit of the Fraud Section.

The VA operates the nation’s largest integrated health care system, providing care to approximately nine million veterans at over 1,200 medical facilities.

Beginning June 6, 2019, the VA MISSION Act significantly increased veterans’ access to health care by expanding their ability to receive health care from approved non-VA providers, referred to as community care providers. As with the Medicare program, these community care providers submit claims to the VA for payment for their services.

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