Teaching your kids water safety

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Memorial Day means summer is fast approaching and that means people will be catching rays by the pool. Water parks like Geyser Falls are reminding everyone of water safety before they open Memorial Day weekend.

Not a soul in sight at Geyser Falls, but come Memorial Day it will be packed full of people anxiously waiting to slip and slide down those pipes.

"It's your beach within reach," says Sheila Martin, executive director of operations. "You don't have to travel very far. You can come here, have a good time with your family. It's a place to make memories."

While you're soaking up the sun, Geyser Falls has your kiddos covered.

"Parents should feel pretty safe letting the kids wander the park without anything happening," says Kyle Timmons, lead lifeguard.

That's because on any given day 85 lifeguards are on duty. But don't leave it all up to them. Teach your kids safety and make sure they follow park rules.

"Like a lot of these slides have a height limit, a weight limit, two people per tube and stuff like that," says Timmons.

Parents should be aware of dangerous water games that guards constantly have to stop.

"Breath holding games are not allowed here because a lot of kids will go out there and they'll try to pretend like they're drowning and they think it's fun," says Timmons.

Fun and games could turn into a life-threatening situation. Geyser Falls is doing its best to make safety fun by having kids pledge to water safety.

"They won't swim alone. They won't go near the grates," says Timmons. "Just different stuff like that. We give them each a flyer. They sign it and they get a bracelet."

Remember. Stay alert. Don't let your kids get hurt.

Geyser Falls Water Park opens for daily operations on Saturday for Memorial Day weekend. The park is open from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. until July 30.