Temperatures climb as rain diminishes

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The circulation that was Hurricane Barry is no longer a tropical system. The circulation is still alive, however, and it has been transporting tropical moisture from the Gulf of Mexico to Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. Some dry air is starting to get caught up in the circulation. That is helping to diminish the rain. As a result we started a drying trend on Monday afternoon. We also started a warming trend. We can still have a few showers and tropical downpours on Tuesday, but the showers will gradually grow fewer and fewer through Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The warming trend will continue, too. Temperatures will climb into the lower 90s on Tuesday and into the mid-90s on Wednesday and Thursday. Heat index values will run toward 105 degrees again.

The drier, hotter week will be followed by another increase in moisture from Friday through the weekend. They will be typical summer days with scattered showers and thunderstorms, but that doesn't mean we will all get rain. Dry areas will be hot and muggy with afternoon highs in the mid-90s. If you're lucky enough that a storm finds you, your temperatures will be swatted back into the 70s and 80s. Still, you will be muggy.