Texas woman loses wallet on I-20/59, has unexpected happy ending

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Toya Hasia-Welch and her husband were coming back from a road-trip when they stopped at a gas station in Meridian. As they were stopped, Hasia-Welch accidentally left her wallet on the top of their car.

At the same time, Tech Sergeant Shelby Alphin, Master Sergeant Ronnie Robinson, and Senior Master Sergeant Tommy Potate were on their way back to the 186th Air Refueling Wing from a lunch break.

“We’re going down I-20 and right there at the 49th Avenue exit, a young lady was going to merge on the Interstate and the gentleman driving, Sergeant Robinson, said “hey, did y’all see that? A wallet just come flying off of top of that car!” Alphin says.

A little over an hour later, Hasia-Welch attempted to pay for lunch, but realized her wallet could not be found. In the wallet was an ID needed in order to take her Law School Admission Test, which was the next day.

“For as much as I could I just said, you know, please God like, let me find it. Obviously with a stutter, because I could barely breathe. I was still having a panic attack,” Hasia-Welch says. “So I was just like, please, please, you know, please God just let me find it and that’s all I could get out before I started crying again. And so literally, I kid you not, 4 minutes after I said that prayer, Staff Sergeant Alphin called me.”

Alphin and the others had pulled over to pick up the wallet and were able to call Hasia-Welch using her military ID found in the wallet.

“And they turned around and came back and got it,” Alphin says. “So we actually got to meet her, meet her husband. They were wonderful people. She offered us a reward, but obviously we didn’t take it. It wasn’t about that; we were just trying to help somebody get their wallet back.”

Hasia-Welch told us she could not find a way to express how grateful she is.

“I could never thank her enough. She really, really, just, I just can’t. I can’t. I don’t even know how I could begin to thank someone for doing that for me,” Hasia-Welch says.

“If I lost my wallet I would hope somebody would do the same,” Alphin says. “You never know when you’re going to need something out of it: your ID, your debit card, anything. But it was awesome to hear that she’s going to be able to take her test, that they were able to come back and get it, that they hadn’t gotten too far out.”

Hasia-Welch told Newscenter 11 that the LSAT she took went very well but she won’t know the results until the end of June.