The next rain maker on track to arrive Friday

Published: Nov. 19, 2019 at 5:06 PM CST
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Our next weather maker is on track to arrive with some rain on Friday. That rain will fall through early Saturday. The storm system we are tracking is over the Interior Pacific Northwest Tuesday evening. It will draw some new moisture off of the Pacific Ocean into the Southwestern U.S. This combination of moisture from the south and a storm system to the north will organize on Wednesday and Thursday as it tracks eastward across the Central Plains. It can bring spotty to scattered showers to us in Mississippi and Alabama during the day Friday. Rain will grow increasingly widespread Friday night after about 8 PM. Rain will track from west to east and exit our area between 6 AM and 9 AM Saturday at the latest. Saturday may start with some rain, but the day will end up being mostly salvageable. Sunday will will be even better, though colder air will settle into the area. Most areas will get between a half-inch and an inch of rain. Locally higher or lower amounts are possible.


We added to a string of sunny, calm days today. We will add Wednesday and Thursday to the list, even amid increasing clouds late Thursday. This evening will be clear and less-cold than previous evenings. If you will be out and about this evening, we will be cooling through the 50s. We will cool into the 40s by around or just after 10 PM. Our low temperatures by morning will be in the low-to-mid 40s. Sunshine and a warm wind will conspire to boost our temperatures into the low-to-mid 60s by noon. The warmest part of the afternoon will be around 2-3 PM. High temperatures then will be mainly in the upper 60s. Odds are 70s will be fewer tomorrow than they were today, but one or two spots may manage to hit 70.


Our next seven days is overall dry. The only real hiccup is the rain Friday night and Saturday. Warming will lead up to the rain. Cooling will follow the rain.


It's worth a mention that just beyond the 7 Day Forecast is another storm system that could impact our Thanksgiving travel plans. This forecast can change as we get more data over the next week. As of now, a developing storm system next Tuesday will intensify over the central U.S. It will bring rain and gusty wind from Colorado and New Mexico to Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas Tuesday morning. That storm system will track northeastward, bringing snow to Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, and western Kansas Tuesday afternoon and evening and spreading rain and strong wind toward Chicago and the rest of the Upper Midwest. Rain and wind will continue across the Midwest. Keep in mind this is likely to affect some flights through Chicago. We will get some of the rain in East Mississippi and West Alabama on Wednesday afternoon. There don't appear to be any weather-related issues across the Deep South to affect travel in a big way. The potential issues will be delays in and out of Chicago and Dallas because of that big storm system.