The rain is moving out, but more mild temperatures are to follow

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We did have a few spotty showers last night and even an isolated thunderstorm last night that I heard while leaving the station. However, we have had a chance to start clearing up. Using the Alfa insurance camera network we can see over Philadelphia the clearing of this rain leaving us with a few clouds.Looking at the EMEPA live radar we can see that the rain has started moving out and you may be left with a stray shower. But we will be staying drying so if you want to grill out tonight with some friends grab your mask and continue to practice social distancing. Right now we are in the id to upper 50's and we will stay that way by 6 PM. By 7 PM we will start to get into the lower 70's so it will be a nice night to hang out outside with the more mild temperatures. These more mild temperatures will be sticking around tomorrow so we will be a few degrees cooler than we have been.
Tonight at 11 PM we will be seeing the mid 60's. From 11 PM to 6 AM we will be dropping down into the mid 50's and seeing less cloud cover. From 6 AM to noon we started to see a few more clouds and our temperatures will be increasing to the mid to upper 70's. And from noon to 5 PM we will be getting into the upper 70's and even seeing 80 degrees in some areas. And then from 5 PM to midnight we start to cool off again to the mid 60's. So as you plan your day tomorrow I would go ahead and get ready for the milder temperatures and less rain. At 7 AM we will be sitting at about 60 degrees and getting to the upper 70's by noon, so it would be a nice day to eat outside. By 4 PM we could be seeing a high of 80 degrees which is still pretty warm but a few degrees lower than it has been.
An update on tropical storm Arthur, we have seen it getting closer and closer to the coast of North Carolina and this could cause high surf, strong winds, and heavy rain. It will continue to veer off into the Atlantic and slow down to 45 mph.Today in Meridian we did get pretty close to our normal temperature at 84 degrees, but weren't too close to our record at 94 degrees. We could be getting up into the 90's by this weekend however, I would go ahead and download the WTOK weather app to stay up to date on our warming temperatures by the end of the week and also send us your pictures and videos.
For the rest of your week we will be seeing a 20% chance of rain until Thursday when that chance of rain goes up to 40%. Once this rain has cleared out we will start to see a warming trend and we could be seeing the 90's by the weekend which we haven't seen yet this year. Over night we are expecting temperatures ranging from the upper 50's to the upper 60's ​