Thousands of dollars in lawn mowers, 4-wheelers stolen

WINSTON CO., Miss. (WTOK) - Thousands of dollars in lawn mowers and 4-wheelers have been stolen across Winston and Leake counties. Investigators have been trying to find who's responsible for the past three months, and now they have their first real break in the case.

A surveillance camera captured video at Noxapater High School around 9 p.m. Wednesday, where the most recent mower was stolen. It was a brand new $15,000 tractor. Video shows what appears to be a white Ford explorer pulling a trailer.

"I realize that the photograph is of a very common vehicle pulling a very common type of trailer, but hopefully, someone will be able to put the pieces together for us when they see the vehicle," Winston Co. Sheriff Jason Pugh says.

The sheriff says in Winston County, alone, seven mowers have been stolen, along with multiple 4-wheelers and one side-by-side. He estimates the total loss at about a quarter of a million dollars.

"This is the first significant piece of evidence that we've had, and we're really hopeful it will take us somewhere to put a stop to this," Sheriff Pugh says.

If you recognize this vehicle or know anything that can help investigators, call the Winston County Sheriff's Office at 662-773-5881. There is a reward offered for information that leads to an arrest.