Thousands sign up for Mississippi No Call cellphone registry

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - More than 62,000 people have signed up for the Mississippi No Call Registry for cellphones in less than a month.

On July 1, the Mississippi Public Service Commission began registering cellphones with a goal of reducing the number of cell calls from telemarketers.

The PSC sent teams out this week to Meridian and other locations to help spread the word.

The registration process is the same as that for a residential landline. Cellphone users may call 1-800-356-6430 to register or go to the PSC website. Click the attached link.

Once a person has registered, it takes two months for a number to be officially on the list. Then, a cellphone owner may call and report the unsolicited calls. The PSC's website contains the information needed in order to make a complaint.

Public Service Commission chairman, Brandon Presley, told the Jackson Clarion Ledger that unsolicited phone calls from telemarketers are an invasion of privacy .