Three new members to serve on Meridian City Council

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Meridian voters decided on new leadership in Tuesday’s elections. Three new council members will be sworn in July 5 and officially take their seats the next day for the first council meeting.

Voters elected Democrat Weston Lindemann for Ward 5, replacing Republican incumbent Randy Hammon.

"I think there is a real contrast between the two of us in terms of leadership style. I want to be more than just a councilman twice a month. That is more than just votes. I want to be in every neighborhood and every community across Ward 5," said Lindemann.

Fannie Mae Johnson, a Democrat, won Ward 3 in a landslide, earning 83 percent of the vote, defeating Republican Michael "Joe" Hoadley. She will replace Barbara Henson, who retired.

"I am not going to try to fill her shoes but I am going to try to wear a different pair. Hopefully, walk some of the same paths that she made and create some new paths. I may tend to be listening more than talking. For one reason is because I am not just representing myself anymore. I am representing my ward," said Johnson.

Tyrone Johnson will take Councilman Dustin Markham’s seat in Ward 2. The Democrat defeated Republican Christopher Von Cockrell.

“I am a learner and this is all brand new to me but the one thing that's not new to me is how to treat people and how to get things done. I know what hard work, dedication and learning from the city councilmen that are already there, the mayor, and educating myself. I feel like I would do very well but the number one thing I worry about is always putting the people first," said Tyrone Johnson.

New city council members are preparing to kick off the new term.

"When you look at the age difference I think we pretty much have every decade represented, from 20-60 so that says a lot about our council and our mayor group that we have here. We are going to have a diverse group of ideas and innovative thinking and that is really going to lead us the way forward," said Lindemann.

The new city council members, along with Mayor Percy Bland, will be sworn in July 5. The first city council meeting of the new term will be July 6.