Threefoot Hotel project set to start on Dec. 10th

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The wait is almost over for renovations to begin on one of the Queen City’s most iconic buildings.

“I know a lot of people still don’t believe that it’s going to happen, but it’s going to happen,” Meridian Mayor Percy Bland said.

The long standing project of renovating the Threefoot Building into a Courtyard by Marriott hotel is less than two weeks away from beginning construction.

“According to the developer John Tampa, we’re slated to get some work done on December 10th. And moving forward, we’re very excited about it and we’re looking forward to it,” Mayor Bland says.

The Mississippi Department of Archives and History communicated to project developers the final approval needed to begin demolition work at the historic building.

Mayor Bland says help from each end of the city is required to make this project a success.

“Well we had talked to him in a memorandum of agreement that we would help them with some of the lighting and the landscaping around that area right there,” Mayor Bland said. “And we’re also are trying to work out something with some of the fees for permitting as well.”

Groundwork was originally expected to begin in July, but leaders are more than eager that movement has finally reached this point.

“Of course we’re just trying to make Meridian as attractive as we possibly can, as quickly as we possibly can. Because we’re going to have thousands of visitors here in the next few months,” Mayor Bland said. “Again he has a project that he completed in Birmingham, downtown Birmingham, a building just like the Threefoot. He did a wonderful project with it and we just want the same result in Meridian.”

Project Developer John Tampa told Newscenter 11 back in September that it will cost $22 million or more to complete project. The expect completion date is set for Spring 2019. The 16-story project will accommodate up to 130 rooms, and host a Starbucks, a boutique and several other businesses.

The Threefoot Building was placed on the National Register of Historic Place in 1979 and is the tallest building in the city of Meridian.