Thursday, September 13 Afternoon Forecast Discussion

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Pop-up storms have been firing this afternoon as winds from the east converge to promote storm development. Storms will taper off once we get past sunset with one more day of pop-up storms on Friday. Models are hinting that the best chance for a pop-up storm is likely west of the Highway 45 corridor as the circulation of an area of high pressure and Florence starts to bring in drier air to our region.

Speaking of Florence, it is sitting off the North Carolina coast and bringing heavy rain, gusty winds, and high storm surge to the coastline. Florence could stay offshore until late tomorrow before making landfall in either North or South Carolina. Florence will continue to drift west through the weekend before it turns north on Monday to get sent to the Northeast. We will feel indirect impacts from Florence as our winds turn northerly tomorrow to start bringing in drier air that will reach its peak on Monday and Tuesday when some of us could wake up in the 60s.

Highs stay in the middle 90s through the next week, but it won't be overly oppressive thanks to the drier air arriving to start next week. Starting Wednesday, winds will start to turn back to the south to bring back moisture. The question is when we have enough moisture back to allow for pop-up storms to develop. For now, I will keep us dry through next Thursday as I am not confident enough to mention pop-up storms for now.