Tomorrow will be another mild day, so take advantage of it by getting outside.

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Tonight as you go to eat dinner it would be a great night to go get something from a local restaurant or go grab to go because we will be having another mild night. By 6 PM we will be in the mid to lower 70's and staying that way by 7 PM. By 8 PM we will be dropping into the lower 70's and we are expecting a clear night with only a 20% chance of precipitation. Using the EMEPA live radar we can see that there are no showers anywhere in our area and looking out at Decatur using the Alfa insurance camera network we can see some blue skies and quite a few clouds. However, we aren't anticipating any rain from the clouds.
Tonight at 11 PM we will be in the lower 60's and from 11 PM to 6 AM we will be dropping into the mid 50's, so we are expecting another mild day tomorrow. From 6 AM to noon we will be heating u into the lower to mid 70's and getting into the early evening we will see temperatures in the lower 80's and upper 70's. And from 5 PM to midnight we will be getting back down into the mid 60's. But tomorrow, although we will have mild temperatures, I would try to get outside because we will be seeing a UV level of 9 which is considered very high because the scale only goes up to 11. Your burn time can range from 15 to 25 minutes so I would grab your sunscreen, sunglasses, and hydrate. However, it will be a nice pool day as you will still be getting some sun, but the temperatures will be starting in the lower 70's by 10 AM and getting to the mid 70's by noon. By 4 PM we will start to see the 80's and stay there for your dinner time at 6 PM.
Take advantage of the sun tomorrow and get outside, with sunscreen on, because we are expecting showers by this weekend. Our chance of rain will be at 40% for Saturday and 30% by Sunday. Our temperatures will be rising though into the 90's. This will be our first time in the 90's this year. We haven't seen temperatures that high since October 11th, 2019. I would go ahead and download the WTOK app to stay in touch with storm team 11 and see when the rain will be coming in and when our temperatures will be escalating. So for your day tomorrow, we will start in the upper 50's by 7 AM and reach the mid to upper 70's by noon. By 4 PM we will be in the 80's, and again we will be seeing some sun tomorrow so it will be a nice day to get outside and walk around the park or have a pool day.
Today we did reach the lower 80's which is only a few degrees away from our normal, however our record is 95. I'm expecting for us to get closer to this record by the weekend, but it could also bring some thunderstorms and rain. So for the rest of your week, tomorrow will be pretty sunny with only a 20% chance of precipitation. By Thursday that chance goes up to 30%, and by Friday we see it go up to 40%. But our temperatures will continue to increase through the week as we see the lower 80's tomorrow getting into the upper 80's by Friday and into our highest temperatures this year, into the 90's by the weekend. Overnight we will be seeing the lower 60's, touching 70, and getting back down into the 60's. ​