Tornado safety drill held Wednesday

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - All Mississippi schools participated in a tornado drill Wednesday morning. Students were told to go to the nearest hallway and against the wall with their arms covering their heads. The drill helped teach students how to stay safe when a tornado strikes.

“Okay, so the best place to go during a tornado is going to be an interior room, on the lowest floor of whatever building that you’re in, at least if it’s a strong enough building,” says Daniel Lamb, a forecaster with the National Weather Service Jackson Office.

Mobile homes are not safe during tornadic weather and neither are cars. A tornado shelter is always the best place to ride out a storm.

“So as an absolute last resort, if you’re in your car, it’s best to get out of the car and get into a ditch. And the main reason that you want to do that is you’re keeping a low profile, close to the ground, and trying to get out of some of those stronger winds. It’s really not an ideal situation to have to do that, because obviously it’s dangerous to be exposed to a tornado, but it’s better than being in a car,” Lamb explains.

It's also important to have a way to get storm alerts, including watches and warnings.

“One of the dangerous things about Mississippi that’s maybe a little bit unique to here that some areas of the country don’t necessarily see is we have a lot of tornadoes that happen in the middle of the night," said Lamb. "And so that’s why we really emphasize to folks to have a way to receive warnings that will wake you up.”

You may use a NOAA weather radio or download WTOK's app and sign up for important weather alerts.