Town of Marion showing appreciation to the men in blue

Marion, Ms. (WTOK) - The town of Marion showed appreciation to two officers Tuesday night.

Residents, friends and family came out to Marion Town Hall show to how much they appreciate the effort and hard work of officers Jason Walker and Corporal Cloist Jimison.

Mayor Elvis Hudson and Chief Randall Davis spoke about how much the two officers mean to the community. The officers' family and residents who have come to know them well also spoke Tuesday night. Both officers says family is a big driving support.

"I love it. It was so great to see family, friends, loved ones just showing their support for me,” says Officer Jason Walker. “Which I just like, I love doing my job. So for them to doing this award for me, it really wasn't for me, it's for the whole town.”

“I feel very excited. Family support is one of the main objectives in law enforcement,” Corporal Cloist Jimison. “If you got family backing you up on a lot of things going on while you're out here on the streets, it makes you feel good to go home to.”

Cake and beverages were served at the event.