Two Neshoba County bridges closed in a week

PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WTOK) - Bad news for some drivers that use County Roads 628 and 705 in Neshoba County.

The Office of State Aid Road Construction recommended local officials close two bridges on those roads because the structures did not comply with national bridge inspection standards.

"That's what led to this recommendation for closing. An inspector came in- looked at it and said you know it's already too far gone for anymore load posting, so basically they're recommending closure until we can get it replaced,” says Neshoba County Administrator Jeff Mayo.

Mayo says there was already a plan in place to use federal and state funds to replace the two bridges.

"The bridge on 628 through the Federal Bridge Replacement Program. It's probably going to come in over $300,000 to replace that bridge. It's not quite as long as the other bridge on 705. Like I said it's already slated for replacement, but the one on 705 is about $600,000 project," says Mayo.

Mayo says an inspector found both bridges fall under the national bridge inspection standards.

"Well there's many standards and of course they look at the functionality of the bridge. Also what weight can the bridge withstand? Some of these are timber bridges with timber piling. So that's the biggest issue we have as far as degradation on the timber," says Mayo.

Mayo says the bridges will remain closed until funding to repair the structures is secured.