Two new businesses coming to Meridian

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Two vacated buildings in Meridian will soon have new businesses to call home. A Dollar Tree is in progress of moving into the old Rite Aid building on North Hills Street.

“North Hills is a great retail area, and we already have some great businesses so to have another strong business come in to provide items for people to come in a purchase is always a good positive thing,” says Laura Carmichael, the community development director for Meridian.

The Old Winn-Dixie on Highway 45 North will soon become a Planet Fitness.

“So anytime you see a new business come back into an older business that has been vacated, it’s good for the economy, it brings tax revenues back into our community,” Carmichael says. “So these are important steps that we try to make to make sure these spaces are filled.”

These two new businesses will provide an economic boost to the city.

“It’s always encouraging to see these new businesses open, to see them bring great services to our community, and in return, once again you’re seeing a space that’s being filled and it’s bringing money into our tax rolls,” Carmichael says.

New businesses are always welcomed in Meridian.

“You know, we look forward to working with anybody who comes in to develop a new business or to renovate or to remodel,” Carmichael says. “That’s what the Community Development Department is here for is to not only encourage economic growth and development in our city but to also work with those businesses as they come in a kind of go with them along the way.”

Both businesses are currently in process of being rebuilt. There are no set opening dates for either location at this time.