UWA's new Workforce Development Center set to provide hundred with future jobs

LIVINGSTON, Ala. (WTOK) - UWA continues its mission to enhance and expand the quality of life for people in West Alabama.

"Jobs equal economic development," UWA Center of Workforce Development Dr. Donnie Cobb says.

The University cut the ribbon on its Center for Workforce Development. Campus leadership expects this program to provide a boost to economic development in one of the most impoverished areas in the state.

"But you have to have a skilled workforce in order for business and industries to come and locate in your area,” Dr. Ken Tucker, President of the University of West Alabama. “That's a part of the solution we want to be a partner in providing is that skilled work force in all of these different areas that we've spoken about."

The new facility will help train future auto-mechanics, electricians, welders and a wide array of other jobs.

UWA is the only 4-year institution in the state that offers bachelor and associate degrees options for these wide array of classes.

"My point is that if a student can learn how to read a computer screen and work in the automotive arena on parts and cars, they can get good jobs and make good money," automotive instructor Curtis Jones says.

This center is based around a larger vision - one to create an education pipeline to give students and the unemployed the tools they need to become successful.

"They'll have jobs. They'll go to work on a day to day basis and that's something that a man and a woman can be proud of when they actually go to work every day and provide for their family and get their children the things that they need, whether it be for birthdays, for Christmas. But, that's economic development," Dr. Cobb says.

The Workforce Development Center is located in the Hunt Annex building on campus. You can visit UWA’s official website for more information.