'Ugly Duckling' production held at Northeast Lauderdale Elementary School

LAUDERDALE CO., Miss. (WTOK) - Students at Northeast Elementary School got see a modern adaptation of the 'Ugly Duckling' put on by New Stage Theatre Tuesday morning.

“We are so excited to be able to present this art experience for the children of the kindergarten, first, and second grades here at Northeast Lauderdale,” says Betty Lou Jones, the president of the Meridian Council for the Arts. “The school has been so cooperative and the children are having a wonderful time enjoying the theater production.”

The play is a way for the Meridian Arts Council to reach out to all students within the community and bring art experiences into the classroom. By watching the play, the students got to learn about treating others the way you want to be treated.

“The lesson on this play is to be kind to other people and to be careful what you say to them and how what you say and what you call them, affect them,” Jones says.

This play is part of New Stage Theatre's 'Arts in Education Programming Tours.' Other productions include 'Macbeth' and 'If Not Us, then Who? Freedom Rides to Freedom Summer.’