Van Zyverden holds job fair Wednesday

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - With Christmas around the corner, Van Zyverden says it needs to fill several job openings.

"We decided we will have an on-site job fair this time to recruit basically as to try to assure that we have enough applicants to fill the vacant positions that we will have across the season here," says David Stephens, human resources manager.

"I have worked here before but I'm coming out for the job fair," says Tasha Hopson, a job applicant.

Van Zyverden, a wholesale flower bulb distributing company, held a job fair Wednesday. Applicants we talked to are ready to go to work.

"It's something that I'd like to do, something that I'd be interested in," says Brandon Gregory.

"They're looking for people and trying to get the seasonal work done," said Clarence Sharp.

A lot of applicants dropped off their resumes and job applications at the fair.

"We've had a steady flow of people coming in here. Actually, we've had people start coming in a little bit earlier, in fact, earlier this week and last week too started coming in," says Stephens.

There are no worries if you missed the job fair.

According to Stephens, the company is still open to accept applicants Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Being persistent is the goal to snagging a job in a competitive market.

"Don't give up if we don't get to hire you initially," said Stephens. "You know, we're going to hire as we need. First of all, we bring back our laid off people that are out there, and then we start filling in the spaces with the new employees."