Veteran becomes author of vegan lifestyle book

Published: Nov. 11, 2019 at 1:08 PM CST
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There’s usually a perception that being a vegan is for nature and animal lovers. And when you think military, you usually wouldn’t think about a plant based lifestyle. But one veteran has been sharing his story on why living a vegan life, is a nutritious battle worth fighting.

"Plants have all the protein that you need."

Bill Muir is a veteran who was in combat in Afghanistan. He’s gone from serving on the front lines to becoming a national selling author. Muir has also been a vegan for 27 years. He's even been coined with the name 'Sergeant Vegan'.

"What I've done is taken out all the propaganda from the vegan lifestyle and left in the three things that are important. Like things that pertain to your health, saving the environment, and a little about not killing animals because you don't need to eat animals to get strong and to live a happy, healthy life,” says Muir.

His new book, “Vegan Strong”, has caught national attention. He says people are interested in hearing more about the vegan life from a veteran's perspective.

"All the stereotypes of you can't get enough protein from being vegan', that's not true. I've run marathons. Again I've done a combat deployment, never had a problem being vegan. Maybe in Afghanistan but even then I found a way around it."

Muir says vegans and vegetarians have a 32 percent less chance of getting heart disease, as well as lower chances of high cholesterol and diabetes.

He says the book provides readers with recipes, resources, tips, and ideas for the vegan lifestyle.

“Vegan Strong” is now available on Amazon. You can find out more about his book and going vegan at

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