Volunteer group from Iowa helps Shubuta flood victims

SHUBUTA, Miss.(WTOK) - Several homes in Clarke County were damaged because of heavy flooding in December 2018, and months later, some residents are still suffering.

This week a group from Iowa came to Shubuta to help repair homes. One volunteer said he is overjoyed to be able to help.

"We've enjoyed it very much," Ken Pollard said. "It's a blessing to be here helping out."

Eddie Ivy with the Clarke County Emergency Management Agency said flooding victims did not get assistance from FEMA so he is glad they are receiving help. Ivy is expecting to receive more help from volunteers soon.

"We're trying to help the people who may not have met the criteria to get assistance from any other source, to get their homes repaired so they can return to a normal life," Ivy said.

Ivy encourages anyone who wants to help flooding victims to contact him at the EMA office, 601-776-2256.