Volunteer group helping at Clarkco State Park

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CLARKE CO., Miss. (WTOK) - A group of young adults from different parts of the country are in our area giving people an easier way to experience the beauty of the Mississippi forests.

The team is a part of the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC). Their name is Bayou 6, and they are helping maintain cabins and trails at Clarkco State Park.

“These volunteers have came in, helping us to do projects that otherwise probably wouldn’t even have gotten done,” says Tony Fleming, the park manager for Clarkco State Park. “It’s a lot of man-hours and manpower that it’s taken to do that but these kids have come in here doing this and it’s just been great for us to have them here, to help us here at Clarkco.”

“I think it’s important to help out the state parks, because I feel like it’s a real hub for the community. There's a lot of places where a lot of people go, and a lot of people form really good memories down here,” says Aaron Brown, the media representative for Bayou 6.

Bayou 6 also helped install an underground drain to create a more pleasant experience for hikers and bikers.

“I think as we’ve seen here, it’s really brought the community together. We’ve gotten so much love and support ourselves and we’re able to give that back, and that’s a really good feeling,” says Claire Duesler, the team leader for Bayou 6. “State parks could always use an extra hand, and anything to help maintain that and bring in more community members is a plus.”

Team members hope that their work will go a long way.

“As far as impact, [I want us to] just leave a lasting impact on the community,” Brown says.

The group will finish up its work at Clarkco State Park Mar. 6. They started this project Feb. 12.