Volunteers celebrated at luncheon Friday

Published: Dec. 7, 2018 at 2:07 PM CST
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The Anderson Regional Health System Volunteer Auxiliary has been assisting those in need at the hospital throughout the year. Members were served lunch Friday to recognize all that they’ve done for the community.

“It’s a way of giving back to the volunteers, letting them know that they’re appreciated for their work and service,” says Dorothy Stovall, the president of the Volunteer Board.

The volunteers presented one of their projects at the luncheon- the donation of baby clothes to the Anderson Regional Birth Center for families in need.

“That was a fun shopping trip for us as volunteers, but it’s also very good for those mothers and fathers who have nothing for their children,” says Jean Willis, the vice president of the Volunteer Board.

“Some people come in and they don’t even know that they’ve had an accident, they don’t have clothes and we have a clothes closet that we furnish clothes for them to go home, the same way with the baby closet- they come in, deliver early, and don’t have clothes,” Stovall explains.

The group has also done many other positive things for the community this year including purchasing wheelchairs for the hospital and holding a blanket drive for cancer patients.

“It not only makes the hospital a better contributor to the community, but it makes us happy,” Willis says. “We enjoy doing this as volunteers- it’s a love, it’s a passion.”

Volunteers we spoke with say they are grateful for the support they receive from the hospital.

“We enjoy what we do; all of the volunteers do it out of love for the hospital, love for the community, and love for the patients,” Willis says. “We appreciate what the hospital does for us, such as this luncheon- this is a way to recognize us and we appreciate that.”

If you would like to volunteer with the group, you can call Anderson Hospital and ask for the volunteer desk.

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