Volunteers repair storm-damage homes for Meridian families

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK)- A local organization is helping families in Meridian to recover from a devastating tornado damaged or destroyed dozens of homes in Lauderdale County.

Partners in Recovery teamed up with the United Methodist Committee on Relief to secure a $100 lot from the city of Meridian for a family's new home.

"We are trying to recover from the tornado that happened in April of 2018. Several homes were damaged in the area. We had one homeowner whose home is not livable anymore, so we are doing a complete rebuild for this particular person," said President of Partners in Recovery, Kim Waters.

In a matter of 4 days, a team of volunteers from all over the country has transformed this lot of land into what it is now.

"They will be sending crews in every week for the next six weeks. The different crews will have different talents. This was the talent to do this part of the job and the next ones will do a different part of the job," says Waters.

The organization was able to secure grants and funds to pay for the materials to build and repair homes.

"I think everybody should try to make their community better. I think that's apart of all of us working together can do. We work for the better of our community and the people in our community," says Waters.

Kim Waters, of partners in recovery, says Meridian residents affected by 2018 tornado are still living in damaged homes.

Volunteers from the World Renew group of Orland Park Chicago secured a $20,000 grant for building materials to help with this project.