Voting on Lauderdale County Courthouse renovations?

LAUDERDALE CO., Miss. (WTOK) - As the Board of Supervisors still considers the next steps for the Lauderdale County Courthouse, some supervisors say it should be up to voters to decide.

Supervisor Kyle Rutledge says once architects come back with estimates for renovations on the building, he'd like to put that bond issue up for a vote. Newscenter 11 met with election commission chairman Jeff Tate to find out what an election like that would cost. He says a special referendum would cost $35,000 to $40,000. If the vote waits until November of 2018, it would cost nothing.

"If it could wait 11 months for that decision, then it would cost the taxpayers zero dollars, because we will have a general election in November of 2018, and that referendum would simply be placed at the bottom of the ballot," Tate says.

Tate says bringing in people to work the election accounts for most of the cost.

"The majority of the cost of any election is going to go into labor," he says. "By law, you have to have at least three poll workers at a precinct at all times. We always like to have four poll managers there in case someone has to go to lunch, someone gets sick."

Supervisors have still not decided at this point whether the project will go to a vote of the people.