'Walk of Heroes' held at Newton County Elementary School

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DECATUR, Miss. (WTOK) - The ‘Walk of Heroes’ was held at Newton County Elementary School Wednesday morning. Newton County High School seniors paraded around the campus, getting high fives from the younger students who lined up to greet them.

“All grades saw them, including the class of 2030 which is our kindergarten students,” says Jason Roberson, the principal at Newton County Elementary School. “So it starts pretty early, it gives them an opportunity to see the cap and gown and hear things like diplomas and graduation. We start early setting goals, it gives them something to look forward too as they progress through fifth grade here at the elementary.”

High school students we talked to say that they hoped the younger students were inspired to do well in school, so they too can graduate in the future.

“I feel like it’s important because the kids need somebody to look up to,” says Marcasia Jones. “Some of them have never seen anybody in a cap and gown so they need encouragement to go forward.”

The ‘Walk of Heroes’ is a moment for the graduating seniors to reflect on their beginnings as elementary school students.

“I believe it’s important for our high school students to do this because it is closing a chapter, but also leaving a legacy behind for our elementary school students,” says Dawn Hollingsworth, the assistant principal at Newton County High School.

As the seniors prepare to leave the school district where many of them have spent their entire young lives, we asked them what they would tell their elementary school self if they could go back in time.

“Have fun while you can, do well in school, and keep up the good work,” says J’Nya Jones.

“I would say to stay focused and have fun because not only is high school important but it’s also a place to make memories,” says Anna Sibley.

The event Wednesday ties into the high school's 'Positive Behavior' program, which starts with ninth graders signing a commitment to graduate banner, ending with this 'Walk of Heroes.'