Waynesboro Fire Department gets new Class A pumper truck

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WAYNESBORO, Miss. (WTOK) - The fire department for the City of Waynesboro got a huge boost Thursday.

The department got a new Class A pumper truck, which took just about a year to fully design. The new truck adds a more reliable means of keeping the community safe, with new features meeting current industry standards.

"With every truck we speck out, we’re enhancing our equipment. We find out what we don’t like about the current truck and we add to it; we make it better," says Eric Scott Bunch, Waynesboro's assistant fire chief.

Firefighters say they're excited to be able start using this new truck.

"It means a lot to see something new that will help the community. Fire trucks get used a lot, so when an engine ages, you start having problems. So with this truck, a new truck, when you get out on the road and you go out on an emergency, you know it won’t fail you,” says Bunch.

The Waynesboro Fire Department last purchased a new truck eleven years ago.

“[The truck is] more reliable than what we had. We’ve had a lot of problems out of our past truck. It gave us better equipment.” says firefighter Michael Haynes.