Ways to receive severe weather alerts

Published: Oct. 21, 2019 at 3:00 PM CDT
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With fall severe weather season upon us, now is the time to make sure you have multiple ways of receiving potentially life-saving weather alerts.

One of the best ways to get weather alerts is with a Midland NOAA Weather Radio. With many tornadoes in the Twin States occurring overnight, the weather radio will wake you up if there is a tornado warning issued for your county. You can also get alerts directly to your phone with the WTOK Weather App.

“The WTOK Weather App will alert you and it will make obnoxious sounds on your phone and those obnoxious sounds can be important,” says Storm Team 11 Chief Meteorologist Stephen Bowers. “They may be annoying when they happen but they get your attention and they let you know that hey, something’s going on and of course we can be right there on your phone with you and kind of help step you through that.”

Tornado sirens should never be your first line of defense.

“We always say you should have multiple sources of warnings and one of those sources should not be tornado sirens, for multiple reasons,” Bowers says. “Number one, they don’t always work, number two, they don’t always work in a way that you can hear them because they’re actually designed for people to hear them outside, not inside.”

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