Weatherization Day program held Wednesday morning

Published: Oct. 31, 2018 at 1:45 PM CDT
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The United States spends around 1.7 million dollars a year on energy bills. That’s the reason why the Multi-County Community Service Agency hosted a Weatherization Day program Wednesday morning, teaching people how to make their homes more energy efficient.

“Weatherization is a program that’s designed to come out and help our clients’ homes become more energy efficient, and that means by putting insulation in the attic, the walls, and under the floors,” says Charles Grant, the weatherization coordinator at MCCSA.

Mississippi’s hot summers and winter cold snaps can result in high energy bills for many in our area.

“It’s very important, especially for the elderly,” Grant says. “Some of our elderly people are having financial problems- paying for their medical bills and food, trying to pay energy bills, so that’s where we come in at with weatherization. We come in and get that house energy efficient for them and get the bills down low so they can focus on paying their medical bills and putting food in their house.”

MCCSA offers weatherization assistance to people who meet certain qualifications.

“You have to qualify- like I said we focus on the disabled, elderly, and single parents with children under the age of 19 and we get these funds form the state,” Grant explains. “It’s a sub-grantee that’s sent down from the state of Mississippi to Multi-County, a non-profit agency, and that’s where we go and just help our clients become more energy efficient.”

Representatives from Sanders Gas Company and EMEPA spoke to the audience at Wednesday’s program.