Wednesday, November 1 Afternoon Forecast Discussion

Clouds and rain have been with us since the morning hours as an upper level system swings through the area. Radar looks intimidating with a large swath of rain, but rainfall has been light so far today. Temperatures have been holding steady in the middle 60s so far today, and that will hold overnight into tomorrow as well. If winds can die down a bit, we will see some patchy fog develop overnight.

Thursday is a forecasting challenge due to the infiltration of some dry air. The dry air will eat away a bit at some of the rain, but how much is a question mark. Based on trends for today, I am going to hold isolated rain chances but advertise it more of intermittent showers throughout the day. If the dry air can succeed in entering as I am currently thinking, rain showers will be hard to find on Friday and Saturday. As a result, I am dropping rain chances on Friday to 10 percent and holding Saturday's steady.

Highs will push 80 tomorrow with us returning to the 80s on Friday and remaining there well into the middle of next week. Once high pressure builds in on Saturday, we will be dry until likely next Thursday. Our next cold front will get here either late Wednesday or Thursday. For now, I am going with the later arrival but will increase clouds and drop highs on Wednesday to account for the timing questions this far in advance.