West Alabama truck stop robbed

LIVINGSTON, Ala. (WTOK) -- Authorities in west Alabama are investigating a robbery at a truck stop late Thursday night.

One of the victims describes the armed robbery of the L & B Travel Plaza in Livingston as scary. The cashier says two armed men forced employees on the ground using guns. She says they searched the store for 15 minutes.

“He put a gun in my side. I said ‘There is no money. You can check the counters and all the cabinets. There is no more money,” store employee Wendy says.

She also says the assailants had a lookout in the parking lot of the store.

“I’m was so stressed and my eyes were on everything. That was when I saw the ambulance coming,” Wendy says.

Livingston police were quick to apprehend one of the suspects. That person is now in jail and facing a charges. Police are searching for any other possible suspects in the case.

Livingston Police Chief Roger Toliver says robberies in the town are rare. He says his department is working extra hard at rounding up all the suspects.

Another woman who works in the store, but was not there during the robbery says the idea of people stealing money is outrageous.

“These people up here work hard for their money. Everyone works hard for their money and don’t need it taken from them,” Symone Johnson says.

If you have any information about this case you are asked to contact police.