Schools step up to donate loads of canned goods

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - West Lauderdale Middle School students are donating 10,003 cans to the Wesley House this week.

“We’re just really proud of our students for doing this. It’s a very worthwhile cause and especially with the holiday season coming, we know that there are people that struggle to have things to eat and we’re just glad that we’re able to help with that,” says Glenn Boothe, the principal at West Lauderdale Middle School.

Boothe says the kids went above and beyond this year.

“We did have one 5th grade classroom that donated over 2,000 cans and we had one 8th grade classroom that donated over 1,000 cans, so we had some classrooms that did a really good job with this with the incentives that we’re provided,” Boothe says.

West Lauderdale is donating 5 times more cans this year than compared to last.

“This has been by far the largest donation that we’ve had,” Boothe says. “The kids really got into it this year and the teachers really pushed it and we’re able to do a really great job with it.”

Combined with other schools in Meridian and Lauderdale County, over 40,000 cans are being donated to various organizations.

“We definitely want to thank Little Caesars and Dairy Queen for sponsoring this event for the community, we want to thank Ms. Skinner, our canned food drive coordinator who helped sort and box all of the cans with the help of some community service classes from our high school,” Boothe says. “We also had students from our middle school to help box and package all these cans.”

In addition to the Wesley House, Love’s Kitchen, the Salvation Army, and the Lauderdale Baptist Association will receive the cans collected from all the schools.

Numerous public and private schools participated in the giving.

In addition to West Lauderdale Middle School, West Lauderdale High and West Lauderdale Elementary, Northeast High and Northeast Middle schools also collected canned goods for distribution by Wesley House.

Donations from Clarkdale Elementary, Clarkdale Middle, Southeast Elementary, Southeast High,
Southeast Middle and Lamar Elementary donated goods that went to LOVE's Kitchen and The Salvation Army.

Northeast Elementary, Poplar Springs Elementary, Magnolia Middle School, St. Patrick's School, Crestwood Elementary and Harris Upper and Lower elementary schools collected canned goods that will be taken to the Lauderdale Baptist Association.