Workforce center opens in West Alabama

Published: Dec. 13, 2019 at 6:08 PM CST
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Times are tough for some West Alabama families who are struggling to make ends meet and can't find work, but additional help and resources are on the way for job seekers in the black belt.

West Alabama Works officially opened the black belt workforce center in Demopolis Friday

The workforce center will provide training for job seekers and employers, job application assistance, resume help, and will house a computer lab.

"It’s another opportunity and a way to collaborate across the state of Alabama on getting those who want to go work. The proper skills they need, the proper training they need, and to get them connected with the people they need," says Executive Director of West Alabama Works, Danny Jones.

West Alabama Works partnered with two other regional workforce agencies to open the center in Demopolis.

"It’s a collaborative effect of the three regions in the western side of Alabama and all of our state and local partners. They are coming together to create a pipeline for workforce development," says Executive Director of Central Alabama Works, Jindi Prutzman.

The center will serve as a career development hub for the black belt region, which is one of Alabama’s poorest regions.

"If the good Lord blessed me to have this type of opportunity then every child in West Alabama and the black belt can have the same opportunity. I'm just given back, and our community is given back. All of our partners are committed to this and have a passion for this. That's what I’m most excited about," says Prutzman.

The center will work closely with churches and schools across the black belt to provide outreach opportunities.

"What that's going to do is help us build a stronger workforce. Just recently we have been named in this county and many other counties in the black belt act work ready communities. Which means we already in that process. What we're hoping to see, we have a national model of what a workforce can really look like in a county," Prutzman.

The center will be a much-needed and valuable resource for the community