York's only grocery store is closed

YORK, Ala. (WTOK) - The small town of York, Ala., has lost its only grocery store. A vacant parking lot now sits on Second Avenue.

Tommy Graves travels back and forth to York often. He says the store was not even open for a year.

"I was excited for the store being open in the small town," Graves said. "I came back yesterday and they said it was closed."

York resident, Mitchell Austin, said the town needs a local grocery store.

"It was good while it was here; hate to see it go," Austin said. "If we want to buy groceries now we'll have to go to Meridian or Livingston."

York Mayor Gena Robbins told Newscenter 11 the store owner is pursuing military opportunities and the store is already up for sale.

She encourages anyone interested in buying the store to contact York City Hall at 205-392-5231.