Local store owner sews face mask covers for community

Published: Mar. 20, 2020 at 7:25 PM CDT
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In times like these, we hear and see all of the negative news out there, but also in times like these we often see the good of humankind.

Rick Luke, who is the co-owner of Faye’s in Philadelphia is mainly in the prom gown and wedding dress business, but now he’s turning his talents to sewing face mask covers for first responders and his local community.

The mask covers are made from double sided fabric and elastic.

“It is to protect the masks we are afraid they are going to run out of. We made a commitment to start doing this and we are going to stay and keep sewing until this crisis is over so we can supply as many first responders, as many hospitals and as many nursing homes as possible,” says Luke.

Face masks have been in short supply all over the country, but Luke hopes to help out locally. He insists the mask covers are not to replace the protective masks, but to be used in conjunction with them.

“It is made to be used in association with. This is a necessity if you’re going to be out there dealing with people close at hand. This is just an extra layer of protection so we can hopefully get a little more longevity out of these,” says Luke.

So far Luke has sewn and given 50 mask covers to local law enforcement over the last two days. Luke says doing this is a good way to keep his mind occupied while giving back to the community he loves.

“I was in New York two days before 9/11 and was stranded in Bar Harbor, Maine for work, when it happened. I was isolated from my family and I couldn’t do anything but absorb all of the horrible things that were coming off the television. I can’t sit at home and listen to what is going on. It just made me really want to get out and do something that can help people,” says Luke.

If you have any extra fabric or sewing materials you would like to donate, check out Faye’s on Facebook.

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