Donate: Hurricane Harvey Relief

Donate: Hurricane Harvey Relief

The unprecedented devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana continues to grow daily. The need for assistance will likely grow to levels never before seen in this country, and will put bigger demands than ever before on the agencies offering life saving help now and recovery assistance in the future. The enormous task, while daunting, can be made easier by the generosity of others.

Want to help? There are a number of agencies where donations will make a difference. Some may collect monetary donations only, while others may offer opportunities to volunteer time or talents, or to donate crucial supplies like water, diapers, or medicine. Follow the links below to learn about ways you can help.

Donation Links

Red Cross -

Salvation Army -

Catholic Charities USA -

National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster -

United Way of Houston -

Virtual Volunteer Reception Center -

Texas Diaper Bank -

Houston Food Bank -

More Links

Red Cross Volunteer -

Salvation Army Volunteer -

United Way of Texas -

For Pets

Humane Society of the United States -

Wings of Rescue -

Best Friends Animal -