11-on-11: Caleb Taylor, Russell Christian Academy

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MERIDIAN, Miss. Caleb Taylor is a wide receiver for Russell Christian Academy's 8-man football team. He sports number 20 and will be a senior this season.

The Taylor name is one that is familiar to the program. Caleb’s older brother Drew played quarterback for the team, leading them to an eight-man state championship in 2017. As the younger brother, Caleb looked up to Drew in more ways than football.

“He motivated me on and off the field," Caleb said. "He won Valedictorian, he was super smart and when you’d go into his room, he’d be doing push-ups or reading the bible. He was just a very good mentor for me to have.”

However, little bro did learn a thing or two from big bro on the playing field. Caleb led the warriors to a second straight championship as quarterback last season. This year, he moves back to wide receiver and is not letting back-to-back titles be the ceiling of the team’s capability.

“I told everyone we gotta raise the bar every year," Caleb said. "We’re competing with each other to be the best out here and it’s never been like that before which is pretty cool."

Caleb leaves the program after this season but the Taylor name will still continue on under sophomore Micah Taylor, who will be the Warriors' quarterback this season like his brothers before him. Fans will have the opportunity to see the Taylor connection this season as Caleb will get to catch touchdowns from his younger brother this time. Micah shared how being siblings helps them understand each other better on the playing field.

“Caleb's a really good receiver. All I have to do is throw the ball up to him and he’s going to catch it," Micah said. "I can trust him, he’s really reliable...If I throw to him I know he’s gonna score."

Of course as with any siblings who play sports together, there’s always a little trash talk involved.

“We trash talk quite a bit with each other with football" Caleb said.
"I just tell them I’m better than them...I pretty much annoy them a lot with it.”

When asked who the better player is, here were their responses.

"I think I’m better than them," Caleb said. "But they wouldn’t say that."

“Oh I think it would be me," Micah said. "Absolutely me, for sure."

Russell Christian Academy beat Tuscaloosa Christian 60-19 on Friday in their season opener. They hit the road next Friday to face Ezekiel Academy.