2018 All-Scholastic Sports Team: Farrah Williamson, West Lauderdale

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Number 7 on the 2018 All-Scholastic Sports Team is a multi-sport athlete who has found success on the tennis court, soccer field, and in the classroom at West Lauderdale.

"She's been with us since 7th grade" said West Lauderdale soccer coach Alex George. "She's been an integral part of this team from the get go. She's the blueprint of what you want as a player, but also as a student."

"She very successful in everything that she does" said West Lauderdale tennis coach Amy Fairchild. "She's good. I've taught her in the classroom. I've taught her on the court. Everything she picks up on it real easy. She's real good at pretty much everything that she does."

West Lauderdale's Farrah Williamson has spent six years on the Knights tennis and soccer teams, winning two state championships under coach Alex George. Williamson also wins in the classroom, sporting a 4.270 GPA and a 32 on her ACT

"Time management is a big deal" Williamson said. "You gotta worry about getting assignments done, as well as making practice and games all the time."

Williamson's hard work not only gives her a spot on the 2018 All-Scholastic Sports Team, but sets an example for the younger student-athletes at West Lauderdale in balancing academics and athletics.

"I'm just thrilled to have a player like her to be on the team" Fairchild said. "It's a great example for the other players that we have a high standard here. We want the best, and she's definitely one of the best ones out there."