2018 All-Scholastic Sports Team: Brandy Santamaria, Forest

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FOREST, Miss. -- Our eighth member of the 2018 All-Scholastic Sports Team is as well-rounded as they come, as this year she was involved in four sports, band, and numerous leadership positions.

"I think she sets herself apart by choosing to be a part of so many things” said Forest High School science teacher Chantelle Herchenhahn. “And yet she knows what she can handle and what she can't."

"It has helped me become a better person at multitasking” said Forest senior Brandy Santamaria. “it also has helped me with responsibility, and figuring out how to manage two things at once both outside of school and in school."

On top of Tennis, Soccer, Cheer, Cross Country, Beta Club, National Honor Society, and serving as the senior class president, Santamaria maintains a 3.98 GPA.

"Brandy is very intelligent and she's always a hard worker” said Forest assistant tennis coach Kery Kenna. “She's very dedicated to succeeding, and nothing rattlers her - I really appreciate that in a high-school senior."

Santamaria's work ethic and extra-curricular activities have allowed her to manage her time as well as see the bigger picture - which includes attending Mississippi State U
"I get inspired to work for my parents” Santamaria said. “And to pay back what they actually have provided for me."

"She has a real understanding that what she does today will impact not only today, but it will impact her future” Herchenhahn said. “She does have a real concept of that.”