2018 All-Scholastic Sports Team: Easton Rainer, Clarkdale Attendance Center

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MERIDIAN, Miss. -- The second member of the 2018 All-Scholastic Sports Team not only is a star on the baseball diamond, but a star in the classroom at Clarkdale.

"I read one of his essays that he was writing, not for me, but I think maybe for a scholarship" said Clarkdale teacher Julie Rawson. "He wrote about how baseball has influenced him to always do his best in class. He was telling the truth, because I definitely see that as his teacher."

Clarkdale's Easton Rainer sports a 4.11 GPA, and an ACT score of 30. Along with Bulldogs baseball, he is a member of the National Honor Society, Spanish Club, and will be a Highest Honor graduate this May.

"If I prioritize making good grades, doing good on ACT's, all that. It's going to help me move along with athletics" Rainer said. "So, I've always had to work hard in both aspects to do good in them"

"He's the perfect player that you look for as a coach." said Clarkdale Head Coach Scott Gibson. "He gets it done in the classroom, he's not trouble. You don't have to worry about those things. We knew when he got here in seventh grade and junior high, we really had something special. We brought him up and he started at shortstop as an eighth grader."

Rainer's accomplishments on the field haven't gone unnoticed. He hit .500 last season with 7 home runs, also contributing as a pitcher with a 9-0 record and 56 strikeouts. He'll be representing Clarkdale at the next level, signing with Jones County Junior College to continue his baseball career.

"You know, that has always been a childhood dream and to have that come true for you is kind of a surreal moment." Rainer said. "To be able to move on like that, and fulfill your passion."