2018 All-Scholastic Sports Team: Kelly Atkison, Forest

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Our sixth member of the 2018 All-Scholastic Sports Team is Kelly Atkison of Forest High School - an individual whose long list of extracurricular activities include multiple sports and leadership organizations.

“I’ve really just strived to make the most of my high school career and being into clubs and doing sports just allows me to get a much richer experience,” Atkison said.

Atkison’s academic and athletic activities includes soccer, tennis and cheerleading, National Honor Society, Beta Club and Student Council – the last three of which she holds the title of ‘President.’

According to graduation coach and assistant tennis coach, Kery Kenna,
Atkison’s accolades are just as impressive as the way she goes about them.

“She has done all of those things while being a good person and while being kind to others and while looking out for her classmates while being a leader,” Kenna stated. “I mean all of the younger students and even some of her classmates her own age can really look up to her because she sets that high standard but doesn’t do it in a negative way.”

For Atkison, these activities go beyond a more fulfilling high school experience as she’s trying to prepare herself for college in the fall.

“Being involved in so many different things here at school has really made me feel like I’m more prepared to attend Mississippi State in the fall and it’s just really taught me much about myself that I really wouldn’t have otherwise known,” she said.

Kenna notes that Kelly’s hard work has set her apart. But she states that it’s really Kelly’s desire to elevate others that makes her special.

“That is really what stands out about Kelly. Just that she’s so successful but wants others around her to be successful as well.”