2018 All-Scholastic Sports Team: Kyannah Grant, Choctaw Central

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Our fourth member of the 2018 All-Scholastic Sports Team is a guard who succeeds in every endeavor she works at – and in this case, academically and on the basketball court. But for Kyannah Grant, her motivation to succeed comes from her Native American heritage.

“As a minority, we are born with obstacles in our way. We already have many, like stereotypes, before us that we never work hard, we’re never going to go to college, we’re going to stay on the reservation, we’re not going to do anything but just stay here and do nothing,” Grant says. "And I want to change that. I want to show people – the outside world as I would sometimes call it – that we’re different.”

For Grant, the fruits of her labor are most visible in basketball and in the classroom. As a junior she averaged 10 points, four assists and five rebounds and helped lead her team to the 3A State Championship. Her most impressive stat might be her GPA at 4.364 and her work ethic in both regards makes her special.

Choctaw Central Counselor Claire Threatt notes of Grant: “Always commitment, dedication to everything she does – whether it’s basketball, academics – it doesn’t matter. Walking into the ACT, I mean it is just focused and determination but also just enjoying the peace.”

Like twin sister, Kyarrah, she also wants to go into sports medicine. A feat, her coach has no doubt she’ll reach.

“They’re going to be successful whatever they decide to do,” Head
Coach Bill Smith says. “Both of them are very, very academically inclined. They’ve got their head on straight, they know what they want to do in the future. They’re going to be successful whether they’re ball players or nurses or doctors or whatever they pursue.”

But for right now, Grant is focused on her schoolwork and the privilege that is playing basketball.

“You want to do something you love, not something that you just, you do just to do,” she says. “Something you love – it’s just like – every day you wake up, you’re like, ‘Yes. This is going to be the best day I get to do what I love every day.’ And that’s how I am for basketball.”