2019 All-Scholastic Sports Team: James Prewitt

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Meridian High School Senior, James Prewitt, has made it his mission to be the best in every endeavor he undertakes. The Senior Class President is also the Academic Team Captain, first chair trumpet and involved in National Honor Society and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. For Prewitt, his involvement in extracurriculars has enriched his high school experience.

“I think there’s a lot more to high school than just sitting in a classroom and getting grades and doing work,” Prewitt said. “I think there’s so much to be gained from doing outside work that it’s just, it’s made my life so much more full.”

Prewitt has also been a member of the varsity soccer and tennis teams since seventh grade, serving as soccer captain the past four seasons and tennis captain the past two. His academic record parallels the effort he’s puts forth on the soccer field and on the tennis court: he currently holds a 4.34 GPA and was named an M.E.C STAR Student.

“James is exceptional academically,” said Prewitt’s AP Calculus teacher, Amanda Hanegan. “If you just look at his report card. You know, he has stellar grades across the board…He is equally comfortable talking about chemistry or literature or theatre or music.”

MHS Assistant Principal, Joshua Herrington, previously coached Prewitt in both sports in addition to teaching him.

“James operates in the spirt of excellence, that’s no doubt,” he said. “Whatever he does, he’s going to do it with excellence – whether that be in the classrooms, whether that be taking a test, whether that be attending church, whether that be on the tennis court, on the soccer field.”

Prewitt says his loaded schedule not only allows him to have a fulfilling high school experience but prepares him for life after he graduates.

“For one thing, it’s given me a lot of background so I can meet a lot of different people and relate to people on different levels,” Prewitt said. “It’s also allowed me to practice a lot of time management. I know college will require a lot of time budgeting and management from me and I’m glad high school has prepared me for that.”

As of now, Prewitt is planning to attend Tulane University.