2019 All-Scholastic Sports Team: Jonathan Boudreaux

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DECATUR, Miss. (WTOK) - Newton County’s Jonathan Boudreaux fits the mold on an All-Scholastic Sports Team Finalist: he has been named an MEC Star Student as well as the District’s Most Outstanding Defensive Player in soccer.

His soccer coach, Will Thompson, had the opportunity to coach Boudreaux on the field as well as teach him in the classroom.

“That same work ethic that he has in the classroom, it definitely carries over,” Thompson said. “He’s – just like in the classroom – he strives to do his best. Same thing on the field, he’s giving his all in every situation.”

Boudreaux was also a member of the cross country team for six years – serving as the captain his senior season. The team earned District Champion honors twice during Boudreaux’s career who also earned personal district honors in soccer: he was named 1st Team All-District his junior and senior seasons. Boudreaux’s academic success parallel his athletic ones as he earned a 32 on the ACT and is currently ranked second in his graduating class. However, according to his educators and coaches, what makes Boudreaux stand out are his leadership qualities.

“I think with him being that leader, being that person that kind of, you know, just that leader of the pack that he exemplifies that student-athlete quality and puts him above kind of the rest of folks that I see for us,” said US History teacher and cross country coach, Michael Franklin.

Thompson notes that his transition into the head coaching role was made easier by having a player like Boudreaux on the roster.

“He was the role model on the team,” he said. “I told my junior high the other day I wanted all of them to grow up and be like Jonathan.”

Boudreaux will be attending Mississippi State University and wants to leave a legacy of hard work and determination at Newton County.

“I’d like to be remembered as somebody that worked extremely hard at everything they did, not somebody that was perfect or always absolute best, but someone that gave 100 percent at everything they did and strove to, you know, show and be an example that you don’t have to be perfect at something, it’s the effort that you give,” Boudreaux said.