2019 All-Scholastic Sports Team: Tyler Holland

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PHILADELPHIA, Miss. -- Tyler Holland's impact on and off the field at Neshoba Central has set high expectations for what the multi-sport athlete can do in the future.

"Tyler's one of those kids, you tell him something one time and he's got it," said Neshoba Central bowling coach Joey Blount. "Tyler will be one of those kids that finds a cure for diabetes, or he'll be my open heart surgeon. Something like that one day."

Holland is a three sport athlete for the Rockets, but shines brightest as a part of the Neshoba Central bowling team. He's won two state championships, and was named Bowler of the Year by the Clarion-Ledger in 2018.

"Me and my dad went to a match when I was in the sixth grade, and I saw it and it looked pretty interesting," Holland said. "So, I wanted to try it out. Come five years down the road, I'm reigning player of the year and state champion. It's been a great opportunity, and I'm glad I picked it up."

Much like bowling, very few stand close to Tyler in the classroom. Holland is ranked 6th in his class at Neshoba Central, with a 4.32 GPA. He was recently named STAR student for the class of 2019.

"Tyler's a lot of fun, and he's a brilliant student," said Neshoba Central English teacher Angela Hearn. "He's just a well-rounded student. It makes me very proud as a teacher, because we become a part of their lives, and so we become a part of their accomplishments."