2020 All Scholastic Sports Team: Brenley Lippert

Published: Mar. 19, 2020 at 7:14 PM CDT
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Brenley Lippert has been part of the Lady Warriors varsity softball team since sixth grade, starting out at 2nd base before working her way to starting pitcher.

And her head coach? Well, she usually just calls him dad.

Brenley shared what it's like to have her father also be her head coach.

"“It gets frustrating sometimes when we disagree but for the most part we agree on most things," Brenley said. "He calls my pitches so we have a really good relationship with that.”

Brenley's dad Larry Lippert coaches RCA's softball team. Not only has he coached Brenley for several years, but also had the opportunity to coach Brenley's older sister Payton as well.

Larry talked about the bond his two daughter's share over their love of softball.

"It's a special thing to see two sisters love each other like they do while still be able to support each other and have a little bit of sibling rivalry here and there," Larry said. "They love to see each other excel in whatever they do.”

Brenley broke 12 of her sister’s 29 softball records at RCA while also holding 21 records of her own. She is 41 strikeouts away from breaking her sister’s career mark of 669.

Along with her athletic success, Brenley has also found academic success, boasting a 4.28 GPA. She is ranked #1 in her class and is currently working on her valedictorian speech.

"Our class is really close and we’re really competitive with each other," Brenley said. "To be able to represent my class in that way is really special.”

Brenley's honors English teacher Edith Whitaker, who has taught Brenley since the sixth grade, shared what makes her so special.

“She’s not arrogant at all about being smart and successful," Whitaker said. "She looks at what she has as a blessing and she wants to give back to others and use what god has given her to bless other people.”

“To be able to balance sports and academics like she does – to read in her spare time and things like that it’s amazing to see the growth that she’s had.”

Brenley's father shared how impressed he's been with his daughter's ability to balance out athletics, academics and everything else in her life.

"She's always been a unique kid," Lippert said. "To be able to balance sports and academics like she does, to read in her spare time and things like that it’s amazing to see the growth that she’s had.”

Along with playing softball, Brenley has played basketball for five years and even played a year of volleyball. She also scored an impressive 31 on her ACT.

Brenley plans to attend Southern Miss in the fall where he will study biomedical sciences in hopes of one day becoming an optometrist.

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