2020 All Scholastic Sports Team: Lake Morgan

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MERIDIAN, Miss (WTOK) Lake Morgan is a two-sport athlete at Lamar, competing in soccer and football. Morgan also played golf his freshman through junior year but took this year off. He’s had a passion for soccer from a young age.

“I’ve been playing soccer since I was really young. I started off playing rec and youth soccer leagues around here," Morgan said. "I started doing some travel ball and then when I got into high school, I got on the team and really like it.”

Morgan has played on Lamar’s varsity soccer team since eighth grade. He has experienced the high of winning two state championships while also experienced the low of losing in the playoffs.

“My first two years we got to state and lost which was fun," Morgan explained. "We had a coach change though and we won the next two which was pretty cool. Then this year happened and we lost, but it’s cool to see how different leadership changes really changes the dynamic of the team.”

Along with winning two state titles in soccer, Morgan also won two state titles with Lamar football under head coach Mac Barnes. Coach Barnes shared how Morgan was never a player he had to worry about on game days

“He’s the guy that wants things to go good. He’s not the guy that wants to create problems or anything like that and that’s really good," Barnes said. "I refer to people like him as low maintenance. Everything they do is working towards what you’re trying to do.”

Along with athletics, Morgan also has to balance out clubs, community service and of course schoolwork, but with a 4.38 GPA, he’s done a pretty good job at making sure education remains a priority.

Jena Dye, who taught Morgan as a freshman and now has him for AP English, shared the growth she has seen in him throughout the years.

“He’s very quiet, introspective, extremely humble and extremely hardworking," Dye said. "He had all those traits as a freshman but just over the last few years he’s worked so hard. He’s developed into such a fine young man in and out of the classroom.”

When it comes to where Morgan would like to continue his education after high school, he has big plans in mind.

“I received two nominations, one from Senator Wicker and one from Congressman Guest for the Naval Academy and if I get accepted there I’d like to attend there," Morgan said. "But my backup plan is the University of Alabama.”

While Morgan could have taken on less AP classes and extracurricular activities, he explained why that wasn’t an option.

“My parents really pushed me to be good with academics but I really want to make something of myself," Morgan explained. "I want to go somewhere.”

Morgan said that while he is happy to be a senior and see all that he has accomplished, he will miss his time at Lamar.