2020 All Scholastic Sports Team: Zac LeBlanc

Published: Mar. 12, 2020 at 1:29 PM CDT
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Spending only a few hours walking the halls of Union High School, it’s easy to see the impact Zac LeBlanc has on those around him.

LeBlanc's has established many relationships through his involvement in numerous activities such as band, football and Beta Club.

One aspect that separates LeBlanc from others is his character, something his counselor Deanna Rush has seen firsthand.

"He’s never arrogant, even though he has the best ACT score in the school, one of the highest GPAs," Rush said. "He’s very talented in everything he attempts to do.”

LeBlanc has played football all four years at Union, battling through a broken leg his sophomore year and broken hand this past season.

Even though it wasn't easy, LeBlanc pushed through both injuries and continued to try and improve.

“It was hard starting back lifting weights and running again but it motivated me to be better," LeBlanc shared. "I think it made me a better player and a better person just because when you have to struggle for something like that it makes you want it more.”

LeBlanc’s perseverance can also been seen in the classroom, where he holds a perfect, 4.0 GPA on Union’s 4.0 grading scale. Even with a packed schedule, he’s been able to strike a balance between all the demands.

Union head football coach and athletic director Brad Breland recalls LeBlanc's commitment to balancing football and extracurricular activities.

"He had several camps and leadership conferences that he had to go to last summer but he would always come back and make up his workouts," Breland said. "He did whatever he had to do to help himself and the team.”

LeBlanc also has a passion for music, playing saxophone in Union’s band since the 7th grade. Both his parents played in the band as well as his older sister.

“I’ve always liked music. I play piano and guitar as well," LeBlanc said. "I like music a lot and I thought that (band) would be a great way to do it.”

Most importantly, through all his hard work and success, LeBlanc has stayed true to himself and remained modest.

“He is so humble and so kind. He is always willing to help those who need it," Rush shared. "He’s one of the first ones I turn to if we need a representative from school. Zac’s always one of the ones I grab and say ‘hey can you go do this’”.

LeBlanc hopes to attend either Vanderbilt or Mississippi State and study mechanical engineering.

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