40 in 30: Kemper Academy Rams

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DEKALB, Miss. (WTOK) - First year Rams’ coach, Joe Wofford, says that it’s been two good months in Mississippi and he’s glad to be back in the area after spending the last 12 years coaching in Texas. His goals for the Rams include building a culture that extends into the classroom and players say that their first offseason with Coach Wofford has been very structured compared to years prior.

“It’s important, you know, to get bigger, and faster, and stronger and we need to hit the weights a little bit,” Coach Wofford said. “During the summer time it would be important to get up and, you know, it’s voluntary workouts but I know some of these kids were itching to get into the weight room. So we’ll try to incorporate that in the future, but right now we’re doing that a couple times a week during the season and I’ve seen some improvements so far.”

Players have been getting adjusted to their new coach in the offseason but feel this year will be better than last year’s one-win season.

“We got, you know, we got a lot of stuff to work on and everybody’s got to get better for us to just to compete with everybody else and we’re going to be better this year,” said senior quarterback, Brody Thomas.

The team returns around 10 starters this season and according to fellow senior and running back, Dylan Fulton, most of the returning corps are skilled position players.

“We’ve got the running backs, we’ve got the receiving, we just got to get better on the line,” he said. “That’s really our only flaw.”

Wofford replaces Pete McCleskey, a MAIS Hall of Fame high school coach. He understands he is going to bring a different approach to the program but ultimately wants his players to improve each day.

“As of right now, I’ve already seen some improvement over the last two or three weeks,” Wofford said. “We’ve got them on some weight programs, we’re doing some things they’ve done different in the past.
Coach McCleskey is a legend in his self so he’s done some great things with these guys so I’m just looking for improvement day in and day out.”

The Rams open the season August 17th against Calhoun Academy.