Anthopoulos: Mississippi important to Atlanta Braves

Source: WLBT

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The general manager of the Atlanta Braves addressed the Greater Jackson Chamber Wednesday.

Alex Anthopoulos told the Vision 2020 crowd he's excited about the season even though the organization lost some key players.

Anthopoulos says he came to Mississippi to show support for the M-Braves and its front office.

"The Braves here in Pearl are a huge part of our organization. A lot of great young players all pass through here to get to Atlanta, so this is an extremely important affiliate for us, beyond the fact there's a lot of Braves fans here,"said Anthopoulos. "(It's) a well run affiliate. Players love being here and if you have a chance to go out to the ballpark, you'll have a chance to see, hopefully, some great young players to come for the Atlanta Braves down the record."

The GM says he's thankful for the huge fan base here and for all the talent that has come to the majors through Mississippi.